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Woma Hatmakers

Our mission is simple, to PRESERVE AND SUPPORT COLOMBIA HAND CRAFTSMANSHIP. We deliver a one-of-a-kind luxury product with transparency to the global market that empowers indigenous communities while sustaining the finest craftsmanship in Colombia.  

One skill that is prized within the Wayuu people is the art of knitting. The tissue is more than a cultural practice and heritage of their ancestors, is a way of thinking and expressing life as we feel and desire. The observation of countless tissues allows them to read the spirit that guides their action and thought . Each hat requires intense concentration, creativity and patience since they normally take up to eight and ten hours for one to be finished. Every hat or "WOMA" is unique and tells a story through the colors, patterns and overall appearance.

Wayuu hats have now become an important means of financial support for these families. However, due to Colombia's barter system and lack of understanding in making these products, men are only being paid less than 3 dollars per hat. WOMA HATMAKERS even declares that on average a men will receive a fair price for a hat taking as the processing time of each of these. Thus, many of the Wayuu men and women have resulted into mass producing hats with lower quality and blown up designs and shapes in order to receive more money for their families as quickly as possible. Companies, online stores and even individuals have taken advantage of these people and their forced low prices and even resold them for more than 3x their original price. Slowly, the true art of the Wayuu hats are dying.

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