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The TAMBONITA story began in Los Angeles when founder, Tamara Aida Diaz, decided to expand the trend in bracelets to weave larger pieces such as chokers, belts, vests, cuffs and the incredible TAMBONITA handbags. Her unique eye for casual opulence, apparent by hand weaving a variety of materials with gold and silver, aluminum and plastic chain, was the basis of her inspiration to create the TAMBONITA handbag collection. 

Tamara devised shapes, textures and color schemes and went looking for factories in DTLA to give life to her designs, but disappointed with their quality she had to come up with a crazy idea. Why not see if there are any local artists willing to weave and create TAMBONITAs with me? 

Today there are many diverse artisans who work under the guidance of Tamara, hand-making bags from one of the chosen themes and expanding on the 8 styles: Tote, Envelope “ Eve”, Asymmetrical Clutch, Transformational “Nita” Backpack, Hipster (Fanny Pack), Bucket Bag with crochet detailing, Micro and Trapezoid abbreviated as “Trap”. 

TAMBONITA also invites you to design your own, or the Artist Collective can recreate, up-cycle, or re-weave a TAMBONITA in any color and material. 

All TAMBONITAs are hand-made by artisans in Los Angeles and they can be rewoven in a fresh new color or trim to evolve with you. We believe in creating fun-luxury TAMBONITAs in a responsible and personalized way.

This is the TAMBONITA way of celebrating creativity, promoting personal expression while embracing the concept of “Re-weaving” bags while adding beauty and shine to our lives.