Souhela Ferrah


Souhela Ferrah

Lingerie | Swim

Feel sexy, feel empowered....

Nothing gives you such self-confidence as knowing you're wearing beautiful under-wear. Silk on your skin and the world at your feet - there's nothing you can't deal with.

Lingerie is an essential component in the everyday life of every beautiful woman. Souhela Ferrah is a lingerie label that creates timeless pieces - flirting with the idea of underwear as effortlessly elegant outerwear. Each piece is created to complement any ensemble, with a subtle, French design. The simple aesthetics of these simply demand to be shown off.

An eclectic mix of silk and transparent fabrics makes you feel unapologetically seductive. These materials are incessantly sought after. Our intention is to curate a line that fulfills this desire. For women who want lingerie that reflects their strength and sensuality. Souhela Ferrah intimates are carefully tailored to do just this.

For the lovers of the little things, the label is carefully put together contemplating every last detail. The fab-rics, accessories and intricacies reveal this; straps enveloped in pure silks for example or velvet, to create a sense of luxury but also that of soft comfort.

Only too many times we've tried on that cute trans-parent top and wished we had the right lingerie to wear underneath. Say 'au revoir' to that problem and start layering with these sophisticated pieces. We want our customers to slip into effortlessly beautiful lingerie, as lingerie slips into the outerwear world.