No Pise La Grama

No Pise La Grama


No Pise La Grama is a Venezuelan based fashion firm, best known for its refreshing designs that offer the fashion world a new perspective, along with garments that stand out for its clean cuts, exclusiveness, femininity and elegance. Daniela Panaro, creative director and founder of the brand, formed herself as a fashion designer and communicator, simultaneously, in her native Caracas, and, later on, expanded her studies in fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

No Pise La Grama, in its opening year, was invited to share the runway next to the very well-known Italian house of fashion, Costume National, and during the following seasons, it received the attention and support of recognized personalities and media outlets, such as E! Entertainment Television, CNN en español, Parson’s newspaper, Vogue Latin America, Elle Mexico, among others.

The brand's development has taken it to achieve important alliances, one of the most relevant being Coca-Cola Light in 2012. That same year a commercial for television was launched, inspired in No Pise La Grama's journey. Its purpose was to portray its constant dedication under the slogan "Always extraordinary". In 2013, Coca-Cola Light recaptured the public's attention with the introduction of a bottle and can, designed by the fashion brand. These packages became collectible items.

Vogue Latin America commented, “No Pise La Grama’s timeless designs are responsible for its success. These garments are filled with bold, fun, latin rooted and rich in contrast features. Its signature can be reflected through its concept that “it is all about commemorating women, praising and empowering them”…”

Currently, No Pise La Grama debuts with its new collection, Resort 2019, inspired in the art of botanical illustration. Nature is part of the DNA of this season, maintaining characteristic elements of the brand such as fringes, cotton pieces, crepes, denim, and a smidge of khaki.

“For this season, we studied the botanical illustration, and based on this art we developed a one of a kind fabric print that highlights four protagonists: the Picaflor or hummingbird, the Chameleon, the Venezuelan Orchid and the rare Passion Fruit Flower or Passiflora. Additionally, we took the color yellow from that fruit as the disruptive tone for our pallet.” Resort 2019, the first collection from the period between seasons created by the brand, was conceived with the idea that the women that wear them can have fun mixing the volumes and silhouettes that its designs provide.

No Pise La Grama is constantly promoting its environment-friendly intentions, developed through its social commitment that has been materialized through alliances with more than 12 NGOs, as well as focusing in the formation of values in its company, build by a team completed in its entirety by women, all of them coming from different backgrounds and contexts.

No Pise La Grama’s collections can be found in its flagship store in Caracas, in its online shop , and in  multibrand stores in 8 different countries.

Daniela Panaro, because of her trajectory with No Pise La Grama, has become an ambassador of her country. In 2011 she was named a member of the community of the Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum, an honor that years later would take her to its forums celebrated in Vallarta Port and Davos as a Latin-American entrepreneur and representing women. In 2015, Panaro is named as Director of the Association of Young Venezuelan Enterpreneurs (AJE Venezuela) the same year she was named ambassador in Venezuela for the Women’s Enterpreneurship Day (WED), an initiative of the United Nations.