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Mint and Rose was born in California at the beginning of 2012 by the hand of Monti Gutiérrez Benavides, a Spanish woman passionate about Mediterranean culture and lifestyle, in which she grew up.

The brand philosophy was always clear: create accessories from traditionally handmade elements, working with the best workshops in the country, providing design, quality, modernity, and variety to the materials. This is how the first Mint and Rose espadrille was born.

The espadrilles are the beginning of a trip through the Mediterranean, with soft colors and textures that inspire tones of the sea and sand.

Collections inspired by special places in Europe, where the nights are filled with magic and the days breathe freshness and sophistication. A nap under a tree, a morning sailing the coast of Amal or a sunset stroll along the Menorcan beach, becomes the basis of our creation.

During 2015, Mint and Rose went a step further by adding new items to its product portfolio, specifically, a new line of sandals and bags.

This line follows the same concept of espadrilles, an artisanal manufacture made in Spain with high quality materials.

Maintaining the origin and philosophy of the brand, Mint and Rose has expanded its catalog of products to all seasons.


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