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The Marcela B brand offers unique artisanal shoes and accessories that combine femininity, elegance and sensuality in their designs regardless of the shoe height. A mix of luxury and simplicity, a mix of Brazil and Abroad. 

Since its inception while spending a season abroad  in Italy, the Marcela B brand continues increasing in customer loyalty due to the unique identity of their pieces. All pieces from the collection being 100% handmade. The brand is recognized by its unique mixture of materials in one single piece:  It's common to see a leather platform mixed with straw or an elastic piece with Tilapia Skin. Marcela B has been experimenting with materials since the beginning and the brand continues to grow exploring and experimenting. 

The Marcela B brand has has several successful partnerships with some of the most recognized names in design in Brasil such as: Isabela Capeto, Virzi + De Luca, Vanda Jacintho, Tatiana Loureiro, Patricia Geyer, Julia Monteiro de Carvalho e Julia Gastin. 

Having graduated in Management from Puc-Rio and in Fashion Design from Instituto Marangoni in Milan, opened up many opportunities for Marcela to work with with many fashion houses such as Osklen, Rosamosario and Paula Cademartori. Marcela works hand-in-hand with the Artisans making sure every piece is perfect & comfortable for the woman who will wear it. 


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Rio Design Leblon - Segundo piso
Av. Ataulfo de Paiva, 270 - Leblon, Rio de Janeiro - RJ.
Brazil - CEP 22440 - 033
Telefone - (21) 2529-2632

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