Fabiana Milazzo


farina milazzo

Ready-to-Wear | High-End


We are brazilian brand, born in 2000, in the city of Uberlândia, state of Minas Gerais.
We have been active for 18 years now, with a number of 60 direct employees and about 2000 indirect ones. We have three stores. Two of them are in Brazil, at Uberlândia, where is also our factory, and at São Paulo, in the heart of the charming neighborhood of Jardins.
Our third store is in Los Angeles, at Melrose Place, a hand picked spot to embrace our first store in the US. Our presence in the national fashion weeks, and mainly at Minas Trend in 2012, facilitated the growth of the brand. From then on, our pieces began to be sold in more then 70 sale points in Brazil and worldwide.

Our collections are shown two times a year, at São Paulo Fashion Week, the biggest fashion week in Latin America. Sophistication and femininity are our principal characteristics and have become the identity of the brand, in addition, there is the care with the handmade embroidery and with the details, making the clothes precious works of art. Research and studies on a certain theme are always present on the collections, which enables us to deliver an authorial work, focused not only on trends, but on art and timeless designs as well. Because we make clothes that takes time, techniques and manual skills to be born, we produce in smaller quantities, valuing the quality of the slow fashion.