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Inspired by nature, jewellery brand Atelier Nallik makes work that is beautiful in its simplicity, featuring uncut and untreated stones clasped by bold 14ct and 18ct gold, silver or brass settings.

It is the work of Jean Linda Balke, who sources stones from local people while travelling across the globe, then creating pendants around them, without interfering with their natural shape. Each piece is therefore entirely unique and verified for its fair-trade status.

“I travel by myself or a small team, talking to local dealers and carefully searching for stones in their natural surroundings,” she says. “It is important to me to use only untreated stones that haven’t been enhanced to make them more beautiful. The search can be adventurous.”

Jean has an encyclopedic knowledge of the range of stones and their properties, and a strong belief in matching the right stone to the right wearer. She is known to be sensitive to the specific needs and desires of even her online customers, discussing in detail exactly which size and shape of stone they desire.

She has also recently taken the brand in a new, more luxurious direction, creating her trademark necklaces in 14ct or 18ct gold.

In a recent publication „The Pursuit of Excellence“ by Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club, Jean describes the aesthetic approach of ATELIER NALLIK as “old yet modern”, combining a deep connection with nature and contemporary design. “I like the subtlety and energy of raw stones, which seem simple on first glance. It takes a closer look to see their complexity. I’m always interested in what’s behind the veil and try to create pieces with my team to make women feel more relaxed and confident in their current state, always reaching to bring out one’s full potential.

The Pure Gold range includes one of a kind pieces like a mottled ruby with dark spots (€890) and an alluring chunk of lapis lazuli (€640), husky rose quartz in brass (starting at €160) and gorgeous hunks of labradorite set in silver (starting €250).