A Mindful Use of Resources

AMUR is a clothing collection created in New York City that was born from the concept that great style does not have to come at the expense of our environment—and that design can strike a balance between beauty and good intentions. It’s an approach that’s woven into our very name: A Mindful Use of Resources. 

Sustainably sourced materials fit effortlessly into a modern urban lifestyle, while the details—vivid prints, sharp tailoring, a dash of feminine flou—lend each piece an element of novelty and adventure. These are silhouettes for the contemporary woman of the world—confident enough to live conscientiously and carry a look from day to night with ease. 

Creative director Sofia Shannon worked for several New York fashion labels before creating AMUR. “Nature,” she says, “is the ultimate luxury.” The interplay between creativity and the environment is essential to her worldview. 

That approach lies at the heart of AMUR’s design process, which focuses on the fabric: All materials are sourced with an eye toward environmental good, whether organic and natural fabrics, reclaimed fibers that conserve material resources, or trims made by artisan collectives in the developing world. While it’s an evolving process, one we’re continually striving to improve, each piece in the collection embodies a singular philosophy: that mindful living will always be in style.